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ANTHONY CHAFFEE e | DAD, MOM: young athletes, scholars NEED nutrient-dense: CARNIVORE
presents episode 965 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
5 Minute Body podcast

Ryan Talbot, All-American decathlete,
Big Ten champion, set school record…
-before: not feeling great, team doctor
checked blood: looks okay
-testosterone 750ish
-decided to go carnivore
-one year later: testosterone 1150!
Was so high, that he as ‘randomly’
selected for PED testing
-showed it was fully natural

Massive advantage for athletes…
-young ones coming up
-often for older people with health
issues or needing to lose lots of fat
Carnivore helps all of these people
“Young athletes considering steroids…
This is your ticket to get an advantage
-still have to put in the hard work
[would be same with steroids] Best way to STIMULATE YOUR BODY

Helps with any intellectual indeavor also…
-brain develops and performs better


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