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ANTHONY CHAFFEE d | ATHLETICS 101: meat: testosterone UP growth hormone UP cortisol DOWN
presents episode 964 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
5 Minute Body podcast

Links to videos Dr Chaffee mentiones:
Sako Sakinofsky.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith

South African long distance cyclist,
Sako Sakinofski…
-working with Dr Tim Noakes
[Dr Noakes was the leading sports
physician for long distance athletes
for years, advocating carb gels. He
realized that carb overload was very
unhealthy and began researching keto] -He came out publicly for keto, withstood
court trials, told the truth of his findings

Dr Peter Brukner, Australian sport
doctor, working with Australian Cricket
-low carb eating helped turn their
season around
Before: lost 0-5 to England
After: won 5-0 over England

Follow Sako Sakinofski, 50, placing in
top 5 in long, endurance cycle races…
He rides fasted
-doe not refuel during race
-just drinking water
Richard Smith, EU bodybuilding champ,
now cyclist & runner, presents the
Science Behind Shredding Weight &
Building Muscle
[Links for these in video description]

Dr Peter Brukner also works with NZ’s
All-Blacks rugby team…
-most dominant team in any sport, any
level–in international rugby world
-also low carb

Carnivore is the biggest sports
-Testosterone will increase 50%
-Growth hormone about the same
-Growth hormone FUNCTION will go up
Insulin is keystone hormone affecting so
many hormones [growth hormone] Insulin suppresses secretion & action
of growth hormone
[men secrete every 60 min/ women: 90] Asleep: largest secretion

Eating red meat, with its carnitine,
-increases testosterone receptors
-testosterone will also increase
Also brings down cortisol
Athletics 101:
-testosterone UP
-growth hormone UP
-cortisol DOWN

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