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ANTHONY CHAFFEE c | VEGGIE OILS BLOCK zinc, iron, leptin magnesium
presents episode 923 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Plant free MD podcast with Richard Smith

Vegetable are high in omega 6
fatty acids: easily oxidized:
-linoleic acid
-causes inflammation in gut
-leads to higher insulin resistance
than eating carbs
-high in phytosterols, LOWERS
-damages hormone production

Higher omega 6 intake is
associated with fat gain
-increases leptin resistance
-block satiety signaling
ALL GRAINS high in lectins
-they bind to insulin receptors
-store 5x body fat than insulin

If eat bowl of meusli, 100 cal…
or steak, 100 cal:
-would store 5x body fat
-Not calories…it is hormones
that drive obesity most
Leptin, hormone of satiety
The ‘Eat Well Plate’ destroys
pillar 1: high muscle ratio

Pillar 2: ability to repair,
rebuild & recover…
quality & bioavailable nutrients
Grains: high in phytic acid
Phytic acid BLOCKS zinc, iron,
& magnesium
-zinc critical for testosterone
-iron supplies oxygen to muscle
-magnesium for energy production

Eat oysters, high in zinc, but
eat with corn tortillas…
-zinc BLOCKED 100%
-high carb or veggie oil foods
eaten with nutrient dense foods
Testosterone critical for men &
for women
-for health & well-being
Phytic acid blocks nutrients

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