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ANTHONY CHAFFEE c | EATING CARBS? same GLUT4 transporter as vitamin C = conflict
presents episode 963 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Anthony Chafee MD podcast

Depending on what you eat, you need
a different constellation of nutrients…
-example: eating plants?
-they contain anti-nutrients which stop
you from absorbing or using some of
the minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc.
in the plant food
-one is vitamin C
Carbs use GLUT4 transporter: same
as used by vitamin C [resembles
fructose molecule]

When eating a lot of carbs..
drowns out vitamin C, so need an
over-abundance of it to compensate
-we only need a little C
Scurvy caused by not able to make
proper collagen
-C helps hydrolyze proline & lysine to make
properly formed collagen structures
Meat eating already provides collagen
-eating pre-hydrolyzed amino acids
-Need C for some other things

Consider the Limeys–ate a lot of limes…
-they ate gruel and grog [carbs!] -officers ate meat & did not get scurvy
American sailors…eating meat, did not
see the same scurvy problems
Vikings, sailed across Atlantic, brought
barrels of salted meat: no scurvy

If someone says to you on carnivore:
You will get scurvy
-if combative: simply ask
How long to get it?
-great, let’s meet at that point and see!
Richard Feynman:
“Doesn’t matter how brilliant the theory,
or how smart you are.
If Doesn’t Agree with Experiment,
It Is Wrong”
After: 3 months; 6 years: no scurvy


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