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ANTHONY CHAFFEE b | COACH DANT: 6 months carnivore…Joint pain all gone strength up; weight down
presents episode 1066 | Dr Anthony Chaffee w/Coach Dant
How To Carnivore podcast

Coach Dant: I owned a cross-fit gym and did 3 workouts a week…
-was paleo whole 30: no processed foods; no alcohol
-just meat & plants
-had many pulled muscles, torn joints, etc.
Went full 100% carnivore
At 3 months: performance returned
-after dipping down initially
Strength numbers started climbing
Finally, aches & pains went away
Increased volume & recovery was better

The other reason, besides pain, for me to go carnivore was…
-tired of having to get ‘fat to get strong’ and
-get ‘weak to get lean’
Whenever I wanted to cut, I had to tell
self: all my performance numbers will fall
Then, work on getting strong again,
have to bulk up & look like a slob
with this got ripped and stronger together

Question: What was your first approach with clients?
-freak out! ‘no veggies?’
-started with helping them understand:
-okay to eat more animal foods
-don’t have to fear fat
Ran 10 week challenges: carnivore beginning
-for my experience working with this
-worked for all of them
-no calorie restriction
-just: add more meat & continue workouts
Had tremendous results


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