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presents episode 1065 | Dr Anthony Chaffee w/Coach Gant
How To Carnivore podcast

Dr James Salisbury, Scott, NY born 1823
Elma Stuart wrote book describing Dr Salisbury’s diet…
-1880’s “What Must I Do to Get Well?
-clinical report of what he had been
doing for 10+ years to heal people
-for most conditions, solution was:
‘eat stewed beef’
-don’t eat anything else
[Elma was bedridden with
Fibromyalgia; took 1 year for full
recovery on this diet]

Dr Chaffee: “I had thought the name of the Salisbury Steak came
from the town in England”
-beef was ground in way to filter out all gristle
-body absorbed 100% of nutrients
-for Crohn’s and ulcerative cholitis, which
had NO MEDS back then
-without meds, people were in horrible
trouble with digestive diseases
-with no gristle, could absorb everything
in small intestine with no waste
-letting bowels rest & heal

We do same today: if have bowel disease, bowel surgery,
put on low-residue diet, so no waste
-no fiber whatsoever
“Idea that fiber is good for you is
contradicted by that”
“When bowel problems: NO FIBER!”
“But when healed, ‘better eat fiber!”

1980s: told: eat fiber for 2 reasons
-can’t digest it; no nutrition, bulky so it
will stress your receptors; make brain think you are full
“You body is not that dumb!”
-doe to low fat eating, lots of constipation
-“You should eat more fiber”
-whole idea was: can’t digest it,
can’t get energy or nutrition from it



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