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ANTHONY CHAFFEE 6 | Oxford study 2008: low B12, 5 year follow up: 5% brain atrophy
presents episode 939 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
5 Minute Body podcast

Don’t trust reference ranges
without some research…
-leptin range higher than should be
-B12 same
Example: B12: 160 – 600
‘200; 300 well, that is okay’
NO, below 400 is deficiency
-get neurological damage
-cuts signal between neurons
[Dr Chaffee is Neurological Surgeon}

Spinal cord atrophies, can see
in MRI: thinner than omnivores.
Oxford study, 2008, followed
vegans 5 years
-brains shrank by 5%
Most likely due to lack of B12
-vegans who had supplemented
B12, still had atrophy of brain

Fall off the wagon?
-if beginning carnivore and want
to go back to coffee for a month
-try it
“I’ll try alcohol again and see…”
-lowers inhibitions for eating crap
-just get back on the wagon
If want, experiment for a bit
-that is better than not coming
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