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ANTHONY CHAFFEE 5 | LEPTIN less than 100? can still lose weight & drop leptin to normal: carnivore
presents episode 938 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
5 Minute Body podcast

Body does not want to lose
weight if sick & inflamed…
-some have hormonal imbalances
Example: Leptin
-if dramatically raised from
-yoyo and shock dieting
-lots of carbs for years
Leptin resistance will drive
leptin to remain elevated
-and insulin resistance
Leptin is major hormone for

If leptin above 100…
[should be 4 – 6] -cannot lose weight on own
‘must get beriatric surgery’
“I routinely see people, on carnivore
drop weight & drop leptin”
-health improve dramatically
-leptin reduces to normal
-then see adipose tissue loss

Doctor can test for leptin…
[reference range at lab:
first 2000 people of year make
the reference range] -the average of people in area
-2 labs can differ in ranges
Not Optimal Health range
-now, average person is sick!
-90% Americans: 1+ metabolic illness
-rest of world not far behind US
Don’t trust reference ranges
without some research…


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