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ANTHONY CHAFFEE 3 | COFFEE masks low fat intake: may cause low energy, dry skin
presents episode 936 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
5 Minute Body podcast

Hard, dry stools means body taking
in all the fat you are eating…
-eating too little fat
If eating too much fat, stools…
-stools will be loose
Colon is supposed to dry out
stools to some degree…
Some say
‘Must eat fiber to move thru
colon quickly’….nonsense
If eating enough fat, stools will
never dry out too much

Having regular bowel movements
is sign you are eating right
amount of fat in diet…
If, however, you have dry, hard
stools AND drinking coffee…
-that can speed up elimination,
but MASK lack of fat in diet
-dry skin, brittle hair,
-lack of energy
“Drinking coffee can mask lack
of dietary fat”

Give up my coffee???!!!
-some like the ritual, the smells of
the coffee house…
“At work, hospital, runs on coffee”
“I don’t drink coffee, but still go
to these social gatherings
and enjoy it”


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