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ANTHONY CHAFFEE 2 | WHO STUDY on meat: “excluded solid research; focused on poor surveys”
presents episode 978 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Anthony Chaffee MD podcast w/ Jayne Buxton, author

Plants have oxalates: little crystals that form
causing: gastric distress, kidney stones,
arthritic joints, brain fog, etc.
-small quantities are probably okay, but
-vegan/vegetarians load up on
-spinach [1000mg in 1 serving] &
-chia seeds [100mg in 1 serving] Probably 10x what should have in a day

Dr Chaffee: disingenuous studies:
-show fruits & veggies are better, but
-use standard diet as comparison
-full of carbs & bad elements
Jayne Buxton
Also: often epidemiological studies, which
cannot show causation and are often full
of conflicts and healthy-user bias problems
“Not saying fruits & veggies don’t have
benefits: vitamins & minerals
But, get great nutrition with animal-based foods, with
a few or no fruits & veggies”

Dr Chaffee: “I don’t begrudge people
eating plants, just understand that there may
be a problem with it.
Example, eating a salad: most concede there
are problems, but some say: hormetic effect
-poisonous, yes, but a micro-dose is hormetic
-but more than a small dose?
-no one is quantifying that!

World Cancer Institute: “There is NO EVIDENCE
that eating loads of plants prevents cancer”
-their large study did not show it
-only small, survey studies showed it
The WHO study, people use to damn meat…
-2015: ‘red meat probably carcinogenic’
-and: ‘processed red meat definitely is’
Many, Many debunks of that study
-wrong conclusions, poorly designed & done
-evidence cannot be trusted

Dr David Klurfeld, USDA, one of the 15 scientists doing it:
“Most uncomfortable, awful experience of his professional life”
-saw evidence being SKEWED
-good & important studies THROWN OUT


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