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ANTHONY CHAFFEE 2 | HUMANS do not need fiber… bowel disease cure? LOW FIBER DIET
presents episode 744 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Plant Free MD podcast

Herbivores who eat high fiber
diets get their nutrition from
the breakdown of the fiber…
-bacteria eat the fiber,
-provide nutrition from the
expelled short chain fatty acids
This is saturated fat
-gorillas get 70% of their calories
from saturated fat
-get protein from dead bacteria

Humans no longer have this
-we have appendix
-animals with hind gut digestion
have a very long cecum
-to break down fiber
-appendix replaced cecum due
to non-use

Colon disease…
[breakdown of distal colon] NOT ASSOCIATED
with high fat, meat diet
Study of thousands:
ONLY association was
high fiber and
high number bowel movements

When patient has diverticulitis,
appendicitis, cancer anastomoses
Doctor will put them on
low fiber diet


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