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ANTHONY CHAFFEE 1 | PLANTS DON’T GIVE: A; B12; D3; K2; creatine; heme iron; EPA; DHEA
presents episode 977 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
Anthony Chaffee MD podcast w/ Jayne Buxton, author

Jane Buxton, author, came to write book,
“The Great Plant Based Con” due to
concerns over young people being mislead
by veganism…
Dr Chaffee: great name!!
[a little like: Plants are trying to KILL YOU] Jayne Buxton
Most of argument for plants based on:
-saturated fat is bad [false argument]

It is widely acknowledged that
-cholesterol in food has NOTHING TO DO
with cholesterol in your body
-link between saturated fat and LDL
has been DEBUNKED
BUT the argument is still given daily in
many, many popular publications & media
Very lengthy chapter: unpicks

Main reasons NOT to go with Plants-only diet:
-lack of nutrients
-excess of ANTI-nutrients
-poor quality of plant protein
-required excess carbs in that type of diet
4 main reasons you ARE NOT better off
going with a plant-based diet
“People don’t realize:
-vitamin A; B12; D3; K2; creatine; heme iron; EPA; DHEA
“Look at you–They have been taught that plants are gods”

Some nutrients in plants are less bioavailable…
-iron; zinc [very low amounts] -methionine; leucine
WHO recognizes this:
-increased daily req in countries low in meat
& high in grains
-zinc from grains not doing the job
-so, must intake 2x RDA to compensate


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