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ANTHONY CHAFFEE 1 | Beginning carnivores:-eat too little &-too little fat
presents episode 934 | Dr Anthony Chaffee
5 Minute Body podcast

Dr Chaffee:
Easy to under-eat on a carnivore
-hunger signal very mild
[carb eating has extreme signal] “I under-ate first few years on
carnivore diet”
-taste signal is better marker
of when to eat

If fatty meat tastes good:
-keep eating;
-if not; okay to stop
-if you ignore stop signal &
keep eating,
-will get negative feedback,
it will begin to taste bad
“Some patients: it starts to taste
bad and I force myself to eat…
-should stop!
-body telling you that is enough

Eat more fat than typical…
-we’ve been told ‘No Fat!’
-so starting on carnivore, many
don’t eat enough
“Animals in wild get 70% calories
from eating fat”
carnivore animals eat fat first
herbivores break fiber into fat
[bacteria convert to fat & protein] -animal gets fat & protein this way
-gorillas 70% from fat;
-cows 80% from fat

Were told to get less than 20%
from fat, but now know more
is required for great health…
-if low on fat intake, get tired
more easily


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