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Animal PROTEIN gives AMINO ACIDS…elevates neurotransmitters & stabilizes mood

SARAH ZALDIVAR 4 | Animal PROTEIN gives AMINO ACIDS…elevates neurotransmitters & stabilizes mood
presents episode 578 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar, certified nutritionist Interview

Eating meat: get optimal levels of protein…
-breaks down into amino acids
-amino acids are building blocks of brain chemicals
~that regulate your mood:
~dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine
-cravings are deficiency of one or more of these
“When having a craving, your eating addictive foods
is an attempt to replenish these chemicals (neurotransmitters)”
Eating plenty of animal protein:
-ample amino acids
-stimulates brain production of neurotransmitters
“Far less likely to crave addictive foods”

Exercise: boosts brain chemical production…
-during the activity &
-raise base level of those brain chemicals
-when running, dopamine & endorphins produced
-Also: 24/7 have changed chemistry of brain, so
~base line mood is always elevated
“Studies show that exercise can be more effective
than antidepressants.
We know that many studies, funded by drug companies,
when they don’t show drug benefits, Will Not Publish Them”

Question: Inflammation in body…
-a lot more inflammatory molecules in blood
-tumor necrosis factor alpha
(signalling protein causing systemic inflammation)
-C-reactive protein (marker of inflammation)
-free radicals and many others that are inflammatory
“Reducing inflammation means reducing these chemicals.
Another reason I am carnivore…no more aches & pains.
When training hard, don’t have to feel sore”
No need for recovery days

Waking up with a sore neck or pain is not
‘getting older’
-it is inflammation build up from plant toxins!


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