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ANIMAL PROTEIN & FAT TOGETHER: most anabolic mix to build muscle & testosterone
presents episode 299: Ben Bikman
with Judy Cho, Nutrition with Judy

When men eat a diet low in fat…
-testosterone & quality of sperm drops

People eating low carb diets, before were…
-too afraid of eating protein
-now we are too protein obsessed
-some, who are exceptionally lean…
-advocate very high protein diets
-there is nitrogen poisoning…
~when you run out of body fat, why focus on protein?

The difference between a fast & starvation…
-when we run out of fat:
~make less ketones
~brain’s energy needs must then come from:
~glucose that comes from stripping amino acids from:
~muscle through gluconeogenesis

Prioritizing protein is a fundamental of mine…
-we must eat them the way nature intended
-all of the best proteins in nature come with fat
-fish is a wonderful protein source with lots of fat
-beef should come with lots of fat
-chicken? our ancestors did not eat it!
-now it is highest meat consumed in US
-chicken does not have enough fat
“I want my kids to eat lots of quality
protein and lots of quality fat”

When eating chicken, add lots of butter or olive oil…
-that is how it is supposed to come in nature
-it is the most anabolic mix:
~will induce a greater amount of muscle growth, than
~any amount of protein alone


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