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ANIMAL FATS: superior to vegetable & seed oils [republished edit with spelling error corrected]

ANIMAL FATS are far superior to vegetable & seed oils
[this is republished edit with spelling error corrected]

Dr Ben Bikman
with Dr Bret Scher
presents episode 279: Dr Ben Bikman

Linoleic acid is everywhere, even in animal fat…
so, there is no avoiding it

We are eating 56,000% more now than 100 years ago!

Linoleic acid:
When we get it from refined foods or cooking oil,
like canola or soybean oil:
-we are getting way too much &
-not getting it the way nature intended

When we get it from animal sources:
-always comes with antioxidants
~like vitamin E

Linoleic acid:
When you can keep it as linoleic acid
-your body knows what to do with it

Dr Stephen Cunnane discovered years ago:
-linoleic (omega6) & alpha linolenic (omega3)
-are the highest burned fats in brain
for energy
-brain makes its own ketones from these

Linoleic acid from animal sources:
-stays as linoleic acid,
-does not turn into a lipid peroxide
~because of its antioxidants keeping it clean


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