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ANGELA STANTON 8 | MIGRAINES completely controlled by diet…No need for nausea & side effects of meds
presents episode 645 | Dr Angela Stanton
NutritionwithJudy podcast

I was a triptan user…
-used nasal spray to avoid stomach upset
-serotonin: 10% used by brain; 90% intestines
-causes diarrhea & cramps
-so, can get it in injection, spray, inhalers
“But, there is NO SEROTONIN NEED!
It is clearly a sodium-potassium problem”
-channels and gates do not work
-adding serotonin simply reduces nauseous feeling
and feeling totally depressed due to pain
It does not help the migraine itself

Most recent medication…
CGRP antogonists are also band-aids
-blocks nerve receptors responsible for pain
Problem: these receptors are everywhere
in the body
Example: patient of Dr Stanton, taking CGRP
meds, had pancreas ‘wiped out’
-caused constant insulin dumping into the body
-still after 2 months following last dose
-meds can take up to 6 months to clear from the system
“contact with her, hoping pancreas would recover”

Most recent medication…
CGRP antongonists are also band-aids
Example: on Facebook group, CGRP user:
“My headache feels like it just explodes”
-people lose their hair
“We know that migraines
-must get off grains, sugars, chocolate
-and bananas [high in potassium, needs added salt if eaten] -much better than the meds that
have side effects & brain damage


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