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ANGELA STANTON 7 | MIGRAINES are GENETIC Meds? Poor solution…. Electrolyte balance! Low carb!
presents episode 644 | Dr Angela Stanton
NutritionwithJudy podcast

Question: When your patients, who get
migraines, follow your salt protocol, do they
get relief from migraines?
-Yes, when they slowly increase water & salt
-if already have the right amount of water
so they only add salt:
~they get relief right away [2 weeks] -some take a lot longer
“The body is broken. Will take a while to heal”
-healing involves kidneys, heart, blood
-time depends on the amount of change required

Question: Could migraines be caused by
toxins or environmental issues?
-toxins can cause fever and normal headaches
-migraines are genetic
“If I am a migrainer and DON’T EAT CARBS,
I may never know I am one. Will never have one”

Question: What about medications for
-sumatriptan has 2 parts that are supposed to
work on migraines:
1-releases some serotonin
[the belief is that migrainers have too little
serotonin…which is FALSE] 2-constrict blood vessels [it is vasoconstrictor] [mimics having several cups of coffee] “Restriction causes blood flow to increase, which enables
salt to replenish faster”
-so, if have sodium elsewhere, it can go to the right place
-at times have more sodium in a place, this will balance it

Question: What about medications for
That is the good part of it
The BAD PART: it is a drug
“You can get the same effect by having coffee”
-sumatriptan has side effects
[if adapted to, causes rebound in pain when stopped] Then, patient must be taken off all triptans
This happens to many people


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