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ANGELA STANTON 2 | MIGRAINE BRAINS NEED 50% more sodium & potassium than typical
presents episode 639 | Dr Angela Stanton
NutritionwithJudy podcast

“Our sensory organs are completely different
and we get over stimulated”
-those with migraines need 50% more sodium
Study 1951
-those with migraines had 50% more sodium
excreted in urine
~from same diet and same environment
“So, if we use more sodium that means we won’t have the
nourishment we need if taking in normal amounts of salt”
-What initiates the migraine is lack of sufficient nutrients

It is not just that the migraine brain has more
connections between the sensory neurons…
-there are voltage-gated channels
are all modified
“I recommend visiting
it is the human genome setup”
For migraines, the first one is ATP1A2
-sodium-potassium pump
~allows sodium to generate action potential
~then potassium to create resting potential
If this doesn’t work due to low sodium
-then that neuron cannot transmit a message

Second one is SCN1A
-sodium-gated channel subunit 1
“All of these are organizing the cell’s firing
SLC1A3 [sodium transport for glucose] [only one glucose transporter that
uses insulin: GLUT4] -others all use sodium to get glucose into cells
“The first 6 genes are all associated with
neuron channel not functioning, or
carrying of glucose into or out of the cell”

This is a problem with channelopathy…
[disrupted functions of the iron channel] -these are iron channels that are disrupted
in the migraine brain


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