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Andrew Huberman
presents episode 653 | Dr Andrew Huberman
HubermanLab podcast

Growth hormone is naturally secreted from
our pituitary gland …
-from signals from hypothalamus
-which impacts metabolism and growth
-tissue repair
-puberty growth spurt
Starting in our 30’s,
growth hormone secretion is greatly diminished

Things that promote growth hormone release:
-lower blood sugar [not ultra low] [fasting helps with this] -exercise
Growth hormone can be useful for
-those over 30
-recover from exercise
-stimulate fat loss
-muscle growth
-muscle or tissue repair

Study 1986…
-sauna 80C [176F] -30 minutes 4/day
[30 min sauna; cool down; repeated 4x] -both male and female
-1 week duration [on day 1; 3; and day 7] Measured cortisol; TSH; thyroid & luteinizing hormones
follicle stimulating hormone;
prolactin; growth hormone
16 fold increase in growth hormone
[measured before and after: significant increase]

“Result impact went down as exposure to
sauna went up…
-day 1: 16 fold increase in growth hormone
-day 3: 3 to 4 fold increase
-day 7: 2 to 3 fold increase
“Heat, like cold, is a stressor to the system
Example: 5C ice bath for 20 seconds;
increases norepinephrine 200%
But, if everyday: you would become cold adapted

In the sauna experiment…
less impact over time due to:
-shift in temperature was of less impact
because down stream effectors
were not engaged to same extent:
was not as much of a shock!


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