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ANDREW HUBERMAN | JOE ROGAN: 90% carnivore & fruit best for heavy workouts
presents episode 917 | Dr Andrew Huberman
JRE podcast

Joe Rogan: Carnivore eating helps
people with satiety…
-carbs–you want to keep eating!
“If I eat a steak by itself, I eat it &
I am good”
-if fries or mashed potatoes,
keep eating
Dr Huberman
-partly blood sugar response
gives cravings
[like after large meal]

Gut has neurons craving;
-amino acids
[we are amino acid foraging machines] -fatty acids
-sugar [carbs] Get enough steak, enough aminos
and fatty acids for satiety
-eat a cookie? hunger goes UP
-not blood sugar alone…
“neurons say: get more sugar”
System is designed to get more resources

Gut-brain access looking for
specific nutrients [besides taste]…
Best to build basis of diet on
-high quality proteins [animal-based] -high quality fats [animal-based] -carbs as needed
-extreme weight training to restore
glycogen stores
“There is a place for no or low carb

“I have done just meat and felt
pretty good to great:
-lighter; lose weight
hard for me to train really hard
Checked with Dr Paul Saladino:
-suggested fruit & honey + meat
But, for me, it sent appetite way up
For me, with heavy weightlifting,
-mostly quality protein & fats
-some carbs
Rogan: I eat steak & rice

Rogan: for me, working out hard
on pure carnivore, I was struggling
-what works best is 90%
meat & fruit


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