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presents episode 650 | Dr Andrew Huberman
HubermanLab podcast

What happens when you get into a hot
-shell senses heat, activates POA:
-activates autonomic nervous system
-blood flow increases
-plasma volume increases
-stroke volume of heart increases
-heart rate increases to 100 to 150 bpm
[looks a lot like cardiovascular exercise] “In many ways it is cardio exercise…
except loading of joints;
impact on ground to improve bone density”

Your vasculature changes shape to accomodate
these increases in heart rate and blood volume
“Getting a cardio workout while in the heat”
Shifts in hormonal output from adrenals;
ovaries; testes; and brain
Study 2021: on group of young men
-attend 4 sauna sessions; 12 minutes; temp: 90C [194F] -followed by 6 minute cool down in water 10C [50F] -checked hormones before, during, after
[testosterone; DHEA; prolactin; cortisol] Results: significant decrease in cortisol [stress hormone] [cortisol good in am; troublesome in pm…depression, etc]

“Many suffer from acute & long term stress…
-many people are stressed, overworked
-not able to control their cortisol at healthy level
“So, this protocol [12 min; 4 times; 90C] followed by 6 minute cool down [10C water] Had a significant effect on lowering cortisol


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