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ANDREW HUBERMAN 2 | MELATONIN may provide some health challenges… check with your doctor
presents episode 432 | Dr Andrew Huberman
Huberman Lab podcast

Normal, healthy cortisol pulse early in morning…
-and, a timer is set in body for when melatonin will
be secreted from your brain…to make you sleepy
-tells body: in 12 to 14 hours begin melatonin
-melatonin comes only from pineal gland
(unless you supplement exogenously)
-question: should you take melatonin?
“My personal bias is NO”
-it suppresses the onset of puberty

Melatonin, in infants and kids, is released throughout the day
-to suppress puberty hormones
“If you or your child has been taking melatonin supplements,
don’t freak out…check with your doctor”
-regular cycles of melatonin release from
the pineal gland correlates with childhood.
-with the onset of puberty, melatonin
is secreted only at night
-melatonin could also affect other
hormone systems in the body

Melatonin helps you fall asleep but may not keep you asleep
-many people wake up after a few hours of sleep
-may be the dosage in retail melatonin tablets
From Dr. Matt Walker, UCBerkeley:
-dosage varies from 15% of listed dosage
up to: 400 times more than listed dosage
-for those who find melatonin does help,
consider it in light of the other things
you do for sleep, and talk with doctor


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