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ANDREW HUBERMAN 1 | SLEEP: critical: cortisol pulse happen early in day & rise to ensure wakefulness
presents episode 429 | Dr Andrew Huberman
Huberman Lab podcast

You get sleepy after being up awhile is because…
-adenosine is creeping up steadily the longer you are awake
-caffeine acts as an adenosine antagonist
-it binds to the adenosine receptor
-nothing happens downstream of that receptor
-adenosine cannot do its job to
make you sleepy
-sometimes, when caffeine wears off,
adenosine binds with greater
affinity…you feel especially tired

Caffeine affects people differently…
-some cannot have it at all, or after 11am, or else
their sleep is disrupted
-each person needs to figure out if they can tolerate caffeine
-what time of day to stop its intake
to get proper sleep

When adenosine is high, we really want to fall asleep…
-however, if you have ever ‘pulled an all-nighter’
-when morning comes, feel increase in energy & alertness
-even though adenosine has built up all night
There is a second force dictating when you sleep and wake:
Circadian Force

In everyone’s brain is a clock that…
-determines when we want to be sleepy, and
-when we want to be awake
Our sleepiness tends to be in one block of time eat day
-typically 6 to 10 hours long
-most powerful thing governing
when you want to sleep & be awake:
Light (in particular: sunlight)

One 24 hour day…start with waking:
-most people tend to wake up around the time the sun rises
-at that time: adenosine levels low
-our system generates hormonal signal
-Hormone: chemical, released by one
organ in your body which goes and
acts on other organs
-when wake up: due to pulse of cortisol,
released from adrenal glands
-pulse of epinephrine (adrenaline)
-makes you feel awake

One 24 hour day…start with waking:
-that pulse of these three hormones might come from:
~alarm clock, or you naturally waking up
-the pulses alert your whole body:
-increase heart rate
-tense muscles
-begin moving
Very important that this pulse
come early in the day
(or your start of wakefulness)
and happens all at once!


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