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ANDREW HUBERMAN 1 | PEOPLE with ADHD can HYPERFOCUS on things & people they really love
presents episode 703 | Dr Andrew Huberman
Huberman Lab podcast

[Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] -don’t self-diagnose…
-check with MD or clinical psychiatrist
-many have some ADHD symptoms
Some symptoms can change over time:
-impulse control
“We can all improve our ability to focus”

Current estimates: 1 in 10 kids have ADHD…
-half will resolve with proper treatment
-ADHD increasing in adults
In this podcast:
-attention, focus, concentration
-mean the same
“People with ADHD have trouble
holding their attention”
[how we perceive the sensory world]

We are sensing things all the time…
-seeing, hearing, sensing touch
but only paying attention to some:
‘Those are your perceptions’
Impulse control
[blocking sensations in environment] -lack of perception
ADHD: poor levels of attention
high levels of impulsivity

People with ADHD can have a
-on things they really enjoy
-or are intrigued by
“Typically we think of people with
ADHD having no ability to sit
still and attend”
-that phenotype can exist
“Can have laser-focus on things
or someone they really love”
-but can’t engage attention on things they don’t want to do


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