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presents episode 1105 | Dr Andreas Eenfeldt
Low Carb Denver podcast

Dr Andreas Eenfeldt…
-we know eat less doesn’t work due to hunger
Eat Better in 3 steps
1-low carb works to cut body fat
But is it all about carbs?
2018 study: low carb v low fat
-both groups lost 6 kg
Carbs are not everything
We can learn more about why
carbs work so well for metabolic

Most famous low carb study: Shai study over 24 months…
-low carb lost more weight than Mediterranean & low fat
“Low carb group ate MORE PROTEIN”
Study, Atkins diet lost more weight
“Also ate far, far more protein”
when low carb works:
protein is always higher
-in studies where low carb
did not win…
they ate less protein

Why do humans eat?
-for nutrients [protein + vitamins & minerals together] -and energy [carbs & fat] “Both animals & humans tend to eat

“Environment where processed
foods are made full of carbs
and processed oils, low
protein…must eat a LOT MORE
to get satiated”


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