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ANDREAS EENFELDT b | It is ultra-processing causing overeating & fat gain
presents episode 1106 | Dr Andreas Eenfeldt
Low Carb Denver podcast

Protein Leverage Hypothesis, review of 116 studies…
-from left: low protein; from right: high protein [blue] -calories eaten per day
-in short term: low protein ate 3x more calories than high protein
-ultra-processed foods
are on the left side [red] This is by DESIGN
-high profits by
-cheap ingredients that
sell a lot!
[added seed oils & sugar

Low carb diets tend to be on right…less hunger
Low fat diets on bottom…medium hunger
More protein diets: far right…much less hunger
“Bodybuilders in ‘cut’ mode preparing for show…
-ultra high protein
[Dr Naiman: if obese, body can
sustain ultra high protein diet
and burn body fat…but not

Eat better part 3: Satiety [opposite of hunger] -multiple factors influence satiety…connected to fast foods
UPF–ultra processed foods are designed to addict eaters
Study: 2 groups: UPF v unprocessed foods…
-matched: same carbs & fat &
similar protein
UPF ate 500 cal/day more &
gained lots more weight
EQUALLY hungry, full, happy


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