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Ancient Kingdoms of the Pacific

Stature, Health, Diet of the people of the Ancient Kingdoms of the Pacific

When European sailors first visited the Kingdoms of the Pacific Islands…
What were the people like?
“Natives are a strong, raw-boned, well made, active people”
-Captain Cook

“They are above the middle stature.
Females are taller and stouter than those of Europe”
-Religious Tract Society 1799

“Maori men reached a stature well above the European standards”
-Peter Buck 1924

“People are the size of larger Europeans, stout, clean limbed and active,
fleshy but never fat”
-Joseph Banks, botanist on Cook’s ship

“When Europeans discovered the Pacific Islands,
the people’ height was at least 6 foot.
-University of Hawaii 2009
(European average male height at that time: 5′ 6”)

“Polynesians clearly are at the upper end of stature for Homo sapiens”
-Wells 1969

Skeletal examinations from the oldest Pacific cemetery:
People at fish, marine turtles, fruit bats, wild pigs, and chickens
rather than relying on growing crops.
-University of Otago, 2014

Typical foods in the Hawaiian Kingdom

Kalua: Pig cooked underground
Poi: from taro
Laulau: beef, port or chicken and butterfish
Poke: raw fish, seafood, seaweed salad
Haupia: coconut milk dessert

In the 1930’s Dr. Weston Price visited the Kingdoms of the Pacific:
He wrote about his findings in the classic book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,
now in it’s 24th printing
“People are skillful navigators and boat builders. A common occurrence: expeditions, both peaceful and aggressive, of 1000 to 2000 miles in craft propelled by man power and wind”

On the kingdom of Tonga:
“those living in traditional villages have excellent health and energy.
They are a beautiful race and physically sturdy.
Dental cavities were .06%
The queen of the village was 6’3″ tall”

One of the last absolute monarchies in the world.
Credited by other islands as being the greatest warriors of the Pacific.
They will not step aside to let anyone pass…

On Aoteoroa (New Zealand):
“Coastal Maori diets focus on fish, shellfish,
such a sea clams and oaua (abalone) and kelp”

“Upon a rise in early, the village chief begins dancing and singing.
His household and the others in the village join in unison,
swaying to the same tempo”

“The Maori developed an understanding of natures laws
and lived in harmony with them to such a high degree
that they were able to build what was reported by early scientists
to be the most physically perfect race on the face of the earth”

The Polynesians who first met the Europeans were:
-large and stature
They undertook courageous voyages.
Their lifestyle and diet enabled them to do so.