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2 RULES: Hungry? Eat Not hungry? Don’t eat! Burn body fat; DON’T COUNT CALORIES
presents episode 322: Rich Hart
owner: Elevate Utah, gym, Orem
with Dr Steve Berry, both:

Interview: Dr Steve Berry with Rich Hart, Elevate Utah gym…
-we want our clients to be fearful of old dietary paradigms
-don’t measure portion sizes
-don’t count calories
-just understand insulin &
~how it is affected by what I eat

-we have wo rules:
1-when hungry; eat
-but so many programs are about calorie restriction &
being hungry
2-when not hungry; don’t eat
-in our program, you will be satiated because
getting energy from your body fat

-we have hundreds of thousands of calories of body fat,
just ready to be turned into ketones and burned up
-but only a few hundred calories of carbs
(so have to keep adding fuel to our body when eating carbs)
-but when we become fat adapted…
we become satiated, no longer hungry
can go long periods of time
without eating…burning more body fat

-so, as a client, my job is to understand which foods
keep insulin low…
-and when hungry, eat them
-and to understand, that eating apple pie will cause
insulin to spike

-I have clients who have lost a ton of weight, people notice:

“I don’t know how much I have lost, but I do know is that
I have turned my insulin resistance cells into
insulin sensitive cells”

Which means: not getting:
-diabetes, PCOS
-cancers, Alzheimers,
-dementia, fatty liver disease

-in this program we don’t focus on weight, but:
-in-body measurement indicators of insulin resistance
-and how your health is progressing:
~visceral fat reducing?
~lean muscle mass increasing?


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