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Fructose is disastrous for our long-term health, especially fatty liver disease, the real epidemic in the west.

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Dr Means: So, someone on a high fat, low carb diet…
-would have higher bile salts in their blood
-Dr Bikman: very likely!
When releasing more bile in response to eating fat,
-will reabsorb more bile as part of the natural process
Dr Means: that is a
uncoupling trigger that
increases metabolic

Dr Means: Majority of liver transplants are due to…
-alcoholic fatty liver disease or just fatty liver disease
-JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association):
“30% of liver transplants due to fatty liver disease &
there are a lack of effective therapies”
Dr Bikman: Conventional medicine has a
-lack of training in dietary interventions in
ANY disorder

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease …
-a couple of generations ago it was NOT A THING
-primary problem: liver is too fat
-80% liver fat is coming from fat cells leaking fat
-as fat cell undergoes hypertrophy, it begins to reach a point
of max dimension
-insulin continues to force feed fat in
-normally insulin would keep fat inside cell
-so insulin-induced inhibition of lipolysis fails
and that part of the fat cell becomes
insulin resistant

That is the main source of fat accumulating in the liver
from the insulin resistant, hypertrophic leaking fat cells
-at same time: hyperinsulinemia is promoting lipogenesis
(biochemical production of fat) within the liver itself
-verified by radio-labeled tracing fat movement
-but, did not attempt to trace effects
of fructose…
“Every study, every group notes that
fructose is a massive contributor to
fatty liver”

Luc Tappy, MD, Switzerland:
“Fructose is the most lipogenic molecule in the liver,
in the body”
-we have pilot studies, one from Duke University…
-confirmed that low carb eating is effective at
reducing liver fat
-clearing liver of fat is the same as
clearing fat cells of fat
1. controlling insulin &
2. controlling energy

Fasting regimen will induce liver to dramatically reduce fat
-and if lowering insulin by eating low carb and/or fasting
-will improve fat cell insulin sensitivity, thus
-removing key contributors to fat in liver


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