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Even our bones can become insulin resistant

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Insulin wants to have things grow, but bones can…
-become insulin resistant!
-joints can become insulin resistant!
-joints need to make fluid to keep them greased
-the joint fluid cells are poorly vascularized
(don’t get a lot of blood)
-so, don’t see a lot of oxygen
-rely on non-oxidative glycolysis

Joints need to use a lot of glucose to function…
-if become insulin resistant
-their access to glucose becomes compromised; thus
-compromising the joint

Low carb group had significant drop in insulin usage…
-even though eating 2x the protein & 3x the fat
-glucagon tended to go up a bit (not significantly)
-testosterone did not change

“People who are afraid of protein say,
it will cause cancer due to increase in
IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1)”

-eating 2x protein; IGF-1 didn’t change

Cortisol did not significantly change…
-and tended to go down
-directly challenging the idea that low carb spikes cortisol

Study (2019), PubMed ID#30803508 (link in description)…
-obese people on low carb diet
-incredible weight loss
-incredible improvement in lipids (body fat)
-great reduction in insulin
Changes in cortisol:
-from baseline to week 2: women
-had marginal increase in cortisol
-by week 8 increase was gone

Study (2019), PubMed ID#30803508 (link in description)…
-obese people on low carb diet
-so maybe some truth to claim that low carb stimulate cortisol?
-perhaps a little, in women, in week 2
-then returned to normal
-perhaps due to transition phase
of the study
-body may need gluconeogenesis
hormones during transition, then
return to normal


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