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The many benefits of heat therapy

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How do we heat up?
-from the outside by things we come in
contact with
-from the inside: body generates heat or
reduces heat to match external environment
“We have two body temps
[98.6? it varies between people, time of year,
time of day, age]1-temperature on your skin [your ‘shell’]2-temperature of core [viscera–
organs, nervous system, spinal cord]

Temp at core is always higher than at shell
Brain constantly signals for body to heat up or cool down
depending on temperature of shell

Brain has neurons that signal other cells in
body to deploy chemicals to heat or cool
“If ice cold towel on your torso;
brain acts as thermostat
-as shell feels cool
-heats up core
Similarly, if in hot environment;
-brain would try to cool you down”
When in sauna, consider the stimulus
[amount of heat and time]and effect on shell & core
Then you can design protocols perfect for your goals

Need to understand heat as a process…
-before heat exposure
-during exposure
-following exposure
“There is specific sauna protocol that allows
anyone to dramatically stimulate growth hormone
16 fold!
-entails shifting from hot to cold environments, repeatedly
over a short period of time


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