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How stearic acid is much better at helping us lose weight.

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I want to help people understand, from a medical perspective:
-what are the real problems…
-people are overwhelmed with complex nutrition information
Top 3:
1. seed oil (refined vegetable oil)
minimize linoleic acid in diet
2. processed sugar
(fructose in fruit & honey is much better)
3. gluten
(protein found in wheat, barely, rye)

This means…
-if you cook potatoes, must use tallow or butter
-have to read food labels
-avoid things like mayonnaise, which has seed oils
-the lower the linoleic acid, the better

‘On the flip side, stearic acid,
an 18 carbon bond saturated fatty acid-
which is in tallow’
-Using tallow lowers linoleic acid,
raises stearic acid

Stearic acid, in human trials…
-gave vegetarian food for 3 days
(stearic acid found predominantly in animal foods &
essential for human physiology and optimal health)
Results (no stearic acid for 3 days)
-mitochondria turned off: stopped burning fat

Mitochondria: powerhouse where:
-oxidative phosphorylation happens
(enzymes used to oxidize macronutrient molecules in
the electron-transport chain)
-to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
(provides energy for cell functioning)

Stearic acid, in human trials…
-THEN gave them 30g stearic acid in milk shake
-the mitochondrial fat-burning function turns back on
-in the journal NATURE
“I think weight loss could be distilled down
to the simple idea:
-lower linoleic acid
-raise stearic acid”

Lower linoleic acid as much as possible &*
-increase stearic acid

“you are going to lose weight because:
-your mitochondria will turn on in your cells;
-they will burn body fat &
-problematic linoleic acid will be minimized”


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