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MIGRAINES!! Much more than headache

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Dr Angela Stanton, migraine expert…
-started by studying the brain cell
-realized migraines caused by some
problem in or around the cell
-many papers stated electricity flows were
involved, but did not explain why & how
-started experimenting and discovered that
salt was helping
-started adding quarter teaspoon steak salt to food
-felt slightly nauseous at first
-took several years to evolve the protocol that I now use
“When can’t take salt, migraine returns, can abort it”

Question: How to distinguish a migraine from
a normal headache?
-migraine does not need to have a headache
to go with it
-migraines don’t respond to over the counter
-not caused by stress or sinus issues
“Migraines have strong physiological cause that cannot
be undone by a pain killer”

A typical headache might hurt all
over your head
-migraine hurts on one side of the head
-it can move during its presence
-some say it is on both sides,
but likely it is moving back & forth
“Also the length is different…
normal headache may last half to two hours, but
migraine is a minimum of 4 hours”
-typical migraine is 3 days long
-for some, only 1 day
-older people usually have longer ones,
that can go for weeks

Migraine, in addition to making you feel
tired and raising blood pressure, has
other symptoms:
-usually start with being dizzy
-may have vertigo…simply fall over
-usually vomit
-usually have urgent bowel movement
~initiated by stress [fight or flight syndrome]-may have half body paralyzed, or partial paralysis


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