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Mental illness, including depression, anxiety, even bipolar, is not in the imbalance in the brain

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Dr Chris Palmer, Harvard Medical School…
-psychiatrist for 2 years
-leads education department at USA’s top
psychiatric hospital
-educates mental health professionals
-does research, education, treats patients
~most patients have treatment-resistant illness
~pills, psychotherapy & shock are not working for them
“They come to me hoping to find a better answer”

Sarah Kleiner:
“My own experience with mental illness:
-put on medication at 14
-Prozac & ADHD meds
never really worked
-felt like had a cloud over her constantly”
Found a ketogenic approach and carnivore eating:
-first time in her life felt like the cloud was gone

Dr Palmer:
“Your story is not uncommon!
-many say, ‘only treatment resistant illness
-she was difficult
-she wasn’t trying hard enough in therapy
-she is whiny, just wanted attention
These accusations are all too common!”
For the record:
“Majority of people who get treatment
for mental illness problems
DO NOT GET FULLY BETTER with our current treatments!”
Decades & decades of research shows this

Mental illness is now the leading cause of
disability on the planet…
-depression is the number one mental illness
-our treatments FAIL TO WORK for most
“Sarah, you are not alone…
-hundreds of millions of others are just as
frustrated: ‘I am doing all they ask, and am not getting better’
For over 6 years I have been using the ketogenic diet…
-as a treatment for mental illness
-have talked with hundreds of patients, providers, researchers
-Sarah’s success not unusual: mental illness in full remission
~get off meds & go on with your life


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