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Learn the critical basics of glucose, fructose, uric acid, and how these destroy our health

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Dr Richard Johnson:

What could drive
inflammation & injury to the kidney?
-strong link to uric acid levels
-high uric acid: risk for high blood pressure
Experiments raising uric acid in animals
showed: they developed inflammation in
kidneys & high blood pressure
What drives up uric acid? sugar
Gave sugar to animals: they developed high blood pressure
-also became fat, insulin resistant & had metabolic syndrome
-when we lowered uric acid, all symptoms improved!
“Could uric acid be important in how sugar causes obesity?”

Table sugar is sucrose…
-glucose molecule & fructose molecule
bound together
-when eaten, break apart and digested
separately in the gut
High Fructose Corn Syrup [HFCS] also is
-fructose & glucose together [usually 55/45]SUGAR & HFCS:
-most common added sugars
-make up 15% of average person’s diet

Glucose & fructose look similar,
but are metabolized very differently
-glucose is major carb fuel in blood to
drive biological processes
-fructose: small concentrations in body
~metabolized in liver & intestine
~also in fat in kidney & in brain [and in pancreas]Our research: fructose key driver of metabolic syndrome:
-insulin resistance
-fatty liver….by making uric acid
Glucose does not make uric acid

glucose also made animals fat and
all metabolic syndrome symptoms…
-but, lowering uric acid had an effect
‘There is a pathway that converts
glucose into fructose in the body”


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