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Reducing fat mass is managing our circadian rhythms

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Sarah Kleiner, Carnivore Yogi [now:
Sarah Kleiner Wellness]
interviews Kelly:
“Keto was amazing for my body.
Before I had been low fat.
-unbelievable cognitive benefits
-positive changes in body
-working out 5 days a week, fasting, keto:
body fat in single digits…”
-as fat intake increased, body fat decreased
-helped me build muscle while in my mid-forties

Keto works…until it doesn’t!
-mistakes were made
-I didn’t understand what I do now
“But I now know where I made the mistakes”
-tried to gain weight, still on keto, but could not
-needed to research whether to send sons to
private high school…
-I broke my circadian rhythm
-staying up until 2am on tablet
-sleeping in later
-instantly gained 40 pounds; thyroid tanked; hormones tanked
-all while eating the same & exercising at same level

Kelly: I had completely ruined my
light environment
Sarah Kleiner:
“When I talk about circadian rhythms and
how you can gain weight by
changing your light environment
because of how it changes your hormonal systems…
People, in droves, tell you you are wrong”
“I have heard from many, many women, in their 40’s and
above, about this issue.
They never consider that it could be
caused by circadian health”

Sarah Kleiner Wellness Youtube Channel

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