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Sheep; chickens; turkeys cattle; pigs on the farm for Dr Ken & Neisha

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-Dr Ken Berry…
-was 297 pounds (136 kg)
-6′ 3″ (75 cm)
-miserable joint pain, dandruff, reflux
-chronically ‘pissed off’
“I was a doctor, who could not fix my own health”
Read books on Atkins, paleo, primal: so cut carbs out of diet
-at less than 50g carbs a day, started to lose fat mass
-and started to reverse diabetes
-stalled a bit, so cut to 20g: lost more fat; improved a1c levels

Eating keto style…
-reduced severe heart burn 80%
-heard Dr Shawn Baker on Carnivore diet
Issued challenge to his clients:
-one month on carnivore
-lost additional 5 pounds
-heart burn was gone!
“Now 4 years carnivore; no reason to add plants back into diet”
-open minded; plants are not trying to kill you
-plants try to defend themselves
-many people can tolerate certain types of plants
“When I add plants in, I get bloating, gain fat, don’t feel good

Question: work out routine?
-don’t go to gym
-work out on 40 acre farm
-farmer chores
-Neisha (wife) inherited a farm
“Let’s get out of the city!”
-sheep; turkey; chicken; quail
-soon: cattle & pigs
-all mornings: research: nutrition; paleoanthropology
“Find out: human beings have been super carnivores for
over 2.5 million years”


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