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Freedom from Inflamation

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Lillie Kane, certified nutrition & health coach…
-with mom and sister, lived on food stamps
-lots of top ramen, mac & cheese
-few desserts & sodas
-grain-heavy; low protein diet
-wasn’t taught anything about health & nutrition
-at 13, sister & her were evicted from home
-at 16 became emancipated minor
-did not have to feel afraid anymore

-went to college for free
-track & field athlete; economics major
Typical diet in college:
-snacking throughout day…
-raisins; oatmeal with honey; waffles
-peanut butter & jelly & banana sandwich
“Overall, I thought I was eating very healthily:
~carrots, broccoli, apple, spinach
~end of day, cake okay to balance it out”

-as senior, craved men’s attention
-wanted best physique
“If you look really good, men will love you”
-with team, worked out 2 to 3 hours a day
-additional workouts to ‘punish self for desserts’
-felt embarrassed eating in front of others
-told, ‘you look pregnant’ due to bloating
-told, ‘cut carbs for more tone’
-not familiar with carbs: ‘it is bread, right?’
-stopped having bread with meat sandwiches
-team nutritionist said: eat goldfish crackers

-100 pound body weight entering college
-looked skinny, but face inflamed
-mood swings, crying, mental health not great
“Like a roller coaster when you feed yourself
foods that don’t give you complete freedom”


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