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LILLIE KANE 1 | Seeing keto work with bi-polar, schizophrenic, cutters changed my life forever.

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Jason Wittrock: I won
-big sponsor deals
-magazine covers
10 years ago I did know
that before competition,
reduce carbs
-to bulk, increase them

I worked at a mental health facility…
-18 to 30 year olds
-taking meds that made them gain 30 pounds
Study: put them on keto diet
-my job was to train them in the gym
“Changed my life forever, working with these kids.
Some were cutters, bi-polar, schizophrenic
The diet worked big time!
I started using keto personally.
-I had to be in top condition the whole year ’round
“I had to cut carbs forever…but, as bodybuilder before I would:
-cut carbs, boost protein sky high, keep the fat low

That is what every bodybuilder did…
-keto said, NO.
-cut out carbs, eliminate that fuel source…
-replace it with healthy fats
-you will have a bunch of energy
I didn’t want to tell anybody!
-it was my secret competitive advantage
Then I put my client on it; started getting results
Then I made one video on it…then kept going
“I was there at the very, very, very beginning of keto”
“I did not think keto would get big…I hoped it would!”

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