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Two part series that will open our eyes in typical medical research malpractice.

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We pretend we all live in a world of…
evidence-based medicine
-problem: if evidence is corrupt, then
-evidence-based medicine is corrupt
When evidence is getting paid by
-pharmaceutical companies
-sugar industry
Studies prove that: sponsor-funded studies are:
-6 to 10 times more likely to find in favor of the sponsor!
In Toronto, Dr John Sievenpiper, saying: sugar, fructose if healthy
-in National Post: last year: He takes thousands of dollars from
~sugar industry & Coca-Cola

Sugar industry funding University of
Toronto, who is happily taking the
money and producing…
-shoddy research
“I don’t blame sugar industry, or
-pharmaceuticals, or food companies
-because their responsibility is to
sell their products
“The problem is that we allow Coke to pay the university millions
of dollars to produce crappy research”
No one is allowed to give policemen or judges anything, but we say:
“If you are a drug company, give doctors as much as you want”

Look at the Journal of American
College of Cardiology…editors:
(who decide what gets published):
-each are taking in $400k a year!
-from companies sponsoring research
Why do we allow that to happen?
“When it comes to our health, we say:
Dr Sievenpiper: here is $400k to do sugar research.
-he does and it comes out, ‘sugar is good for us’
It is the most ridiculous situation you’ve ever heard”
-we must get political and say: this cannot be allowed
-anyone teaching medical students is not allowed to take money

They pay editors of large journals
hundreds of thousands of dollars
-studies are all produced by
drug companies
“First thing we should be doing is:
saying we need new rules:
-no one is allowed to pay university
professors any kind of money
-if you want the privilege of teaching medical students, you…
get paid by the university, not by anyone else


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