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CRITICAL for women’s strength, well-being, and longevity

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“I work with women who are trying to
build muscle and get stronger”
-they have been told their entire life:
-restrict how much you eat
-being the smallest you can be
is the priority always
-they are trying to build muscle tissue while…
-eating restrictively, eating low protein
“Hard to unlearn these things they have been taught entire life!”
-eating ‘heavy protein’ (animal protein) will make you look better…
-lose weight; build muscle; feel better, better cycle; better libido
-should not be revolutionary, but apparently it is

Women’s unique physiology & needs…
-those having monthly cycle & periods:
-have extra requirements for…
~iron & magnesium & copper
~that are physically losing out of body
every month
Most bioavailable way to get these is through red meat &
-animal sources
We see in hard-charging, females see female athlete triad
(low energy; amenorrhea; decreased bone mineral density)

“Almost a badge of honor: I’m working
so hard, I’ve lost my period”
-massive sign your body is not
functioning properly
-body telling you “in survival mode”
“You don’t have to want to become
pregnant, for this to matter to you.
It is a really, really big warning sign that your body
is not functioning properly”


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