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Time restricted eating gives fantastic results in reversing type 2 diabetes!

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Interview by journalist Gary Taubes:
Dr Jason Fung, Canadian Nephrologist…
“Originally, I practiced like most nephrologists,
I had no real interest nor training in nutrition.
We have passed that off to nutritionists
and Weight-Watchers”

Obesity & type 2 diabetes are huge parts of overall health…
-almost every type of disease state is made worse by obesity
-we think (simplistically) it is all about calories!
-Except: 99% of people don’t lose weight by cutting calories
-so doctors give up..,
“I told patient to cut 500 calories,
didn’t lose weight…”

Since 1970s, obesity has gone up & up…
-close behind, type 2 diabetes went up & up
-type 2 diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease…
-so, as a nephrologist, I got interested
-I could see we were NOT MAKING ANY DIFFERENCE
in type 2 diabetes
-so I got involved in weight loss research

In 2008, several large studies found…
-our treatment paradigm, mostly giving more & more insulin
-giving exogenous insulin, to lower blood sugar,
-caused people to gain weight
-everyone knows losing weight helps
type 2 diabetes get better
-but I was giving a drug that:
made them gain weight!

Paradox, I was prescribing these medications…
-but that was the medical wisdom & still is today
“Your personal responsibility; you let yourself go”
-I am giving this guy insulin &
-he is gaining weight
-but he has not changed:
-not exercising more or less
-his ‘willpower’ is not more or less

The major difference is…
-I gave him a bunch of insulin & he gained weight!
“This is weird: it goes against all that I was taught about
weight loss and gain”
-it was in front of me every single day
-I have patients every day, who
~are on insulin &
~are gaining weight

So I thought about it…
-it doesn’t make sense
-I need to know more about it
-I have to think about weight loss, because
-that is a key part of people’s health
-as a doctor, that is part of
my responsibility

“The more I thought about calories…
the more I thought: this does not
make sense!”


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