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CEREAL COMPANIES IN COLLUSION with Government Dietary Guidelines!!

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Dr Gary Fettke, orthopedic surgeon, Tasmania, Australia
-world-renowned researcher in nutrition
-told obese, diabetic patient it would be healthy to reduce sugar intake
-for this he was suspended and government investigated his case
-government’s expert witness against Dr Fettke
~worked for cereal companies!
-internal emails from cereal companies…”sales were down because…
low carb paleo diets
and these 7 people
are to be targeted!”

Dr Gary Fettke, orthopedic surgeon, Tasmania, Australia
-Cereal companies were in a PAID RELATIONSHIP with
~the Dieticians Association in Australia (same across many countries)
-to promote benefits of carbs and sugar in breakfast cereals
-Cereal companies were the ONLY GROUP being paid to influence
the Dietary Guidelines from the Australian Government
-Dieticians reported Dr Fettke for giving ‘nutrition advice’ to his patient
-paper trail and $ show
these things happened

-Cereal companies’ expert witness against Dr Fettke, was…
~also the key author of dieticians’ textbook, which
~followed pro-vegan; vegetarian; high carb; anti-meat agenda
“I can’t make this up; If I am lying, I am liable”

-6 weeks after he submitted documentation of collusion to congress,
the cereal companies formally separated from the government
dietary guideline committee
“I may have been the final catalyst that called out
the specific financial ties between processed food industry and
those making the dietary guidelines (mimicked around the world)”

Their promoting the benefits of cereals and sugar has been a disaster…
-physiologically, environmentally…
-humankind has been getting fatter & sicker
due to these guidelines


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