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INFERTILITY: insulin resistance: poor vasodilation women: hyperinsulinemia: PCOS

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Question: your current research at your BYU lab?
-insulin and its effects pathogenically on the body
-and its influence on the production of ketones
Ketones act as their own signaling molecules
-not just a nutrient source, but
-actually telling cells to do something
-have caloric value, similar to glucose
-they almost act like a hormone

Hyperinsulinemia (excessive insulin in the blood) is a…
-fundamental aspect of insulin resistance
(muscle, fat, liver, gonad cells do not respond to insulin)
-but it doesn’t stop here
-insulin resistance is a coin:
~one side: insulin not working at some cells , but
other cells are perfectly insulin sensitive

Physiological insulin resistance…
-where body has become insulin resistant to:
~serve a valuable purpose (overwhelmingly: growth)
-during pregnancy & during puberty
-two periods of rampant growth
-hyperinsulinemia fuel this growth

Insulin resistance: 2 types: whether…
1-harmful, connected to Alzheimer’s; T2D; obesity; etc.
2-purposeful, for period of time to fuel body growth
Still has both aspects:
-insulin is altered in how it is working
-blood insulin levels are elevated (hyperinsulinemia)

Example: infertility in both men and in women:
-erectile dysfunction in men
-PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) in women
In the male: erectile dysfunction, it is insulin resistance
-insulin is not able to promote sufficient vasodilation
In the female: PCOS, it is hyperinsulinemia
-ovary cells are capable of rapidly converting
testosterone into estrogens
(at much higher rate than testes)
-but insulin INHIBITS that conversion
So: hyperinsulinemia leads to PCOS


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