KETO vs ovarian cancer

Dr Kevin Fontaine: Study: women with…
-ovarian or endometrial cancer

Dr Kevin Fontaine: Study: Randomized, Control group…
obese women with ovarian or endometrial cancer…
2 groups: ketogenic diet and American Cancer Society diet
-12 weeks
-checked body composition DEXA scan
-CA–125 cancer marker
-insulin levels
-metabolic panel of tests
The mean BMI for whole cohort: 31

-keto group
~21% reduction in visceral fat
~while maintaining lean tissue
-American Cancer diet group
~5% reduction in visceral fat

-keto group
~insulin levels went down
~most were in ketosis (.5 mM BHB)
~their BHB correlated with IGF-1
(Insulin-like Growth Factor)
-thought to fuel tumor growth!

“Diet produced selective loss of adiposity (fat loss)”
-reduces risk of recurrence
Managed to quell the process of
excess insulin fueling tumor growth
Quelled inflammation

“One main risk factor, IGF-1, which drives some of the cancers,
is significantly associated with being in ketosis”
-keto diet should be considered;
-as an adjunct treatment

Independent line of research…
-keto diet seems to make cancer cells MORE SENSITIVE
to the effects of treatments
~especially radiation therapy
and minimizes toxic side effects of
~chemo therapy
“Should be a standard of care for
cancer treatment”


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