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How mold and mycotoxins may be affecting your health

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Dr Paul Saladino interviews
-Evan Brand (Certified Functional Medical Practitioner)
-Most interesting thing I have learned:
-the number of symptoms that mold can present with!
-PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
-higher blood pressure
(not everyone with these symptoms have them
due to mold, but it is something to check)

Evan Brand: people call Lyme Disease the great mimicker, and
-mold is in the same category:
-anxiety & panic attacks
-rage, angry, abusive…probably mold toxicity
“95% of domestic abusers would test positive
for mold toxicity”

Study by Dr Joseph H Brewer, Chronic Fatigue Clinic found:
-95% of his chronic fatigue patients had at least one microtoxin
in their urine
-mold microtoxins damage the mitochondria & gut barrier
-nutrient absorption falls apart
-candida (fungal infection) overgrowth
-bacterial overgrowth
If you are doing naturopath treatments, like
-oregano oil or berberine and
other anti-fungals and anti-microbials
-but candida & SIBO keep coming back…
-you probably have mold

Any sort of recurrent infection would be mold
Also brain fog, dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo
-blood pressure will be unstable because it messes up
your nitric oxide synthase
(enzymes that catalyze nitric oxide production)
-causing circulation issues
-heart palpitations and atrial fibrillations
“Have had several older females, put on beta
blockers by their cardiologists.
But, finding mold as root cause allowed them
to get off heart meds”

Medications were just managing the blood pressure & heart palps…
-but mold was the culprit
-anything that is weird
~burning sensation in head
~tingling in feet
~one side of face gets numb (after entering a building)
-you can assume mold


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