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Tourette’s Syndrome

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Mady, with Dr Shawn Baker: Tourette’s Syndrome:
as a child, must have at least:
-2 motor tics
-1 vocal tic
Mady: at 13 years diagnosed. I had:
-jerking arms
-weird facial expressions
-sniffing noise

Suffered with it through high school...
-until decided to go on carnivore diet
Now 20 years old
-coped with it pretty well
-did not have severe symptoms
(like cursing or doing crazy things)
-it was confusing
-hard to understand why I was
doing these strange things
-kids at school were a challenge

Never went on medication…
-because so young, neurologist did not want her on anti-psychotics
Question: why try carnivore eating?
“I am religious and always thought God gave us animals for a reason”
-my family disagree with me…
they are all vegan
-doing research in high school
-kept finding information on
carnivore diet
-decided to learn to cook meat &
-go on own diet

Both parents were vegan…
-growing up always ate vegan
-began playing sports and wanted to strengthen up
-wanted to try eating meat to see if it improved health and sports
-and it did
Growing up: we ate
-tofu once a day
-lots of broccoli & greens
-but did eat a lot of Oreos,
chips, soda

Freshman year, cut out junk food….
-did not really change health much
-Sophomore year, began carnivore eating
-not thinking about Tourette’s,
but wanted to make
the varsity soccer team
-and get rid of acne & eczema
(both went away)
-after 4 to 5 months, realized
-was barely having any tics


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