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P:E Diet book HIGHLIGHTS Part 1

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Don’t count calories; Avoid carbs & vegetable oils

From the book by Ted Naiman & William Shewfelt…
-3 basic strategies for your diet that will help you flourish

Don’t count calories!
-it is not how much you eat;
-but what you eat

Focus on food choices that include:
-higher protein, then
~you will automatically eat LESS

Reduce the frequency you eat carbs…
-your body will become fat adapted
~able to burn your body fat for fuel!
-you will not crave constant carbs

If this is difficult at first…
-now you know why this is
Metabolic Exercise!

-if you strengthen this, like weight lifting…
~reap rewards of less frequent eating
-blood sugar will stabilize
-mood will stabilize

Avoid foods high in carbs & vegetable fat…
-high energy density, NOT found in nature
-highly ADDICTIVE (on purpose, by food corporations)

These drive OVEREATING

Plants store energy as carbon bonds in carbs & fat…
-from soil: plants absorb nitrogen for protein
~they also absorb minerals
-animals ingest plants to:
~get energy & protein (& minerals)

Solar energy, captured by plants…
-as high-energy carbon bonds
-in hydrocarbons (fatty acids)

Animals draw nitrogen & other minerals from topsoil…
-herbivores eat the plants
-carnivores eat the herbivores

plants have protein (nitrogen)
& energy (carbon)

animals have protein (nitrogen)
& energy (carbon)

Your body also has protein & energy…
-the goal for your body composition should be:

“the HIGHEST lean mass at
the LOWEST fat mass”

your PROTEIN to ENERGY ratio
is critical

Our hunter-gatherer forebears had a high protein-energy ratio,
-were strong, smart, healthy

Adding grains diluted the
-percent of protein in the diet

Bulk refining of sugar, flour &
-vegetable oils diluted protein

We now have energy toxicityOur hunter-gatherer forebears had a high protein-energy ratio,
-were strong, smart, healthy

The way back to or original
-strong, smart, healthy state:

Eat mostly animal-based
-high protein foods
-don’t fear animal fats
-avoid carbs & vegetable oils

Follow the green arrow…
-hunter gatherers ate a
balanced diet of animal
proteins & fats, plus
leafy vegetables in season



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