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Reversing type 2 diabetes and get rid of metformin: Josh’s story

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from, premium course:
Reversing Insulin Resistance in 90 Days

Josh: to the Insulin IQ team: My blood sugar
was 480…is that high? It’s high!!

My doctor explained how serious that was…
suddenly, I have a drawer full of medicine!

Doctor: Josh, how long have you been diabetic?

Josh: I’m not sure…

Doctor: When were you told you have type 2 diabetes?

Josh: That would be…just now!

Started researching,
watched Dr Bikman’s videos…

it made sense to me,
I reached out to Insulin IQ

because I specifically wanted a coach–
someone to walk me through it

Even when I was taking Metformin,
1000mg morning & 1000mg nighttime…

I could not get my blood sugar below 200!

so, they were looking at increasing my dose

I started the low carb, high fat diet…

my blood sugar now ranges from 70 to 111
I am off Metformin completely!
I have shed 30 pounds plus

My hemoglobin a1c was 8.6,

tested last week: now it is 5.1

in barely 3 months!

Dr Steve Berry: As a physician, I am trained to give medicine…
& I’m sorry you have this condition & I’ll give you enough
medicine to keep your blood sugar normal
& if that is not enough, I’ll give you more insulin

Josh: I feel like I have a second lease on life…

My doctor said, “I don’t understand…you are no longer diabetic”

Josh: 2 months ago you told me I was diabetic &
almost put me in the hospital…
& now I’m just not?
She said: that is what the numbers say!

Dr Berry: Doctors are taught that:
-this is dangerous; we don’t know why
-carbs are necessary; we don’t know why, but they are
-type 2 diabetes is permanent & incurable

Josh: The coaching definitely makes everything easier & faster.
Carly, my coach, teaches me to understand myself…
-how to read what my body is telling me
-tweek this, adjust that, now what does your body really need?

Josh: It is impossible for me to thank you guys…
there are a lot of people who are sick, hurting, desperate!
I tried a lot of things, and nothing except this worked.

Josh: It is not just the improvement in my numbers:
It is my emotional state; my performance at work;
so thank you!


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